Anxiety Treatment

Tai Dow™... a powerful technique to help anxiety, panic disorder & treatment

Without effective treatment, remedy or cure for both the cause and symptoms of anxiety panic disorder, the quality of your life can be reduced dramatically.

Have you suffered the symptoms of anxiety disorder or panic attacks? Can you identify any of the following with yourself...?

  • I often experience anxiety or panic disorder because I often have the feeling of sweating, blushing, heart palpitations and tumbling
  • I worry about being judged by others
  • I think I have anxiety or panic disorder because I am very fearful and nervous when I am talking to people, dating, performing or doing public speaking
  • I often have shortness of breath, chest pain or discomfort, chills, numbness, tingling or dizziness and shaking, but I haven't been seeking any treatment
  • I often have panic attacks, anxiety, nightmares about certain events from my past
  • I often have bad images and thoughts and panic attacks
  • I have lost the enjoyment of leisure activities and I want an effective treatment, remedy or cure of this and other symptoms
  • I believe I have anxiety disorder, because I feel isolated and unable to have loving and happy feelings
  • I suffer from poor sleep and bad concentration
  • I often feel depressed and fatigued

If you answered yes to any of the above symptoms of anxiety disorder, then Tai Dow™ may be one of the most powerful techniques you will ever experience.

View more information on Tai Dow™ can help with anxiety treatment in Australia.

Students travel to course venues from all parts of Australia. Tai Dow™ courses are currently available in Melbourne, Victoria; Sydney, New South Wales; Brisbane, Queensland and Perth, Western Australia. Classes may be available in the near future in Darwin, Northern Territory; Adelaide, South Australia; Canberra, Australia Capital Territory and Hobart, Tasmania.

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