Qigong (qi gong or chi kung) ancient Chinese healing

Qigong can also be spelt as Qi Gong or Chi Kung. Qigong Master - Master Feng started practicing Qi Gong when he was 9 years of age, and at the age of 17 he became an acclaimed Qi Gong Master in China. He has dedicated himself for the past 20 years to helping tens of thousands of people overcome hundreds of different kinds of health problems, life issues and achieve spiritual growth.

Through his extensive research of the finest qigong (Qi Gong or Chi Kung) Masters throughout Chinese history, he has discovered a shortcut to enable individuals to reach their Qigong goal, called Taidow (which means the ultimate way). It's a simple, unique and almost effortless technique.

Master Feng's goal is to give you the best of what ancient Chi Kung and modern science have to offer in the shortest possible time, so you can do less and achieve more.

After years of research Master Feng has discovered amazing scientific insights into why Taidow is the most effective technique to transform one's mind, body and spirit from Nobel Prize winning research*.

This research also perfectly explains the essence of Taidow, which enabled all the greatest Chi Kung Masters to enjoy amazing spiritual transformation, acquire profound wisdom, youthful complexion, perfect body shape and extraordinary long lives.

Traditionally Qigong involves many years of practising hundreds of different exercises that require a lot of effort. In the early years, Master Feng used to teach 9 levels of Chi Kung. Now the Taidow beginner level is equivalent to the 7th level of his style of Qigong. Ordinarily it takes a dedicated person many years to achieve this level of skill, but now because of this shortcut this can be achieved in one weekend.

Qi Gong Master - Master Feng - quoted by Australian Chinese Age as "one of the greatest masters of all time" will show you his most powerful and advanced Chi kung - Taidow The World's Most Effective technique to transform your mind, body and spirit. Tai Dow is the ultimate solution to stress free, improved health and happiness.

View more information on advanced chi kung (qi gong): Tai Dow.

Students travel to course venues from all parts of Australia including Melbourne, Victoria; Sydney, New South Wales; Brisbane, Queensland; Perth, Western Australia; Darwin, Northern Territory; Adelaide, South Australia; Canberra, Australia Capital Territory and Hobart, Tasmania.

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